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Victoria Eidson

Matches turned to torches

Guilty to remorseless

An unsuspected feeling,

Riding without horses.

Writing without verses,

Gloves and masks and hearses.

What is it that lurks here?

Alarms ring in the distance

Or is it just me hoping

For normalness around us.

Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here?

Fashion follows culture, and our culture has turned into a fearful, guarded, socially distanced scene like something we had only ever seen on screens. We go the only way we know - forward. Fashion will follow. The darkness behind our eyelids we have been seeing in this time of hibernation away from society will push its way into our wardrobes. As we release into the world again, expect more, and also less.

More in the sense of modesty and protection. More safety-focused fashion. More comfort-centric clothing. More dark colors in the summertime. More fashion rules being broken as brands do everything they can to hold the attention of a scared population. More quality than quantity. More designers releasing masks. More faces underneath them. More apprehensiveness in the retail industry as consumers change the way they shop. Each of these leads into what it is we will see less of.

Less of what we have known to be safe in regards to fashion. Less judgement, for we are all in this solitude, together, and will break free in our own forms. Less structure. Less focus on the past as we look into the future. Less consumerism. Less being bought and therefore, less in our landfills.

What does this mean?

It means we are going to have to adjust. It means that we can wear whatever we feel most comfortable and safe in, free of judgement! Whether you're in slippers or a ball gown at the grocery store, we are evermore focused on our personal safety and as the fire ablaze around us burns everything we once knew, we can metamorphosize into beings we never knew we could be. We must push through, wear our colors proud, dress how we feel best, and most of all love and respect ourselves, and others, in fashion choices amid this wildfire.

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