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This past summer, we all enjoyed the luxury of being outside after the 18 months spent inside. Over the summer, the mask mandate lifted in Texas, bars went back to 100% capacity, and “stepping out” became the goal of the summer. I can’t speak for everyone, but during quarantine, there wasn’t much to do besides online shopping. Buying clothes with nowhere to go was my favorite quarantine pass time. Now that we’re back in the classroom, the days of waking up late and showing up to class in the t-shirt you slept in last night are over. The fashion style of athleisure has everyone in a chokehold, with SKIMS holding the crown. The famous Kardashian has been wearing monochromatic leisurewear for years and has developed a successful clothing brand from the popular style. The brand features different fits to include everyone’s body type and an affordable price range to match. This popular style is being used by many brands lately such as Bo+Tee, Lululemon, Athleta, Gymshark, and Cotton Citizen. Athleisure has transitioned into the new way of fashion by looking put together while still being comfortable, with biker shorts, matching sets, and even comfy full-length dresses. This versatile look is great for on the go, running errands, and college students. I wouldn’t necessarily say I “dress up” for my classes, but it looks like I put more effort in with monochromatic athleisure wear. The new idea of getting ready for school sounds less like a chore than it did pre-quarantine. After spring break 2020 turned into an extended break from actuality, we’re back with better mindsets and better style. Minimize efforts and maximize confidence with the perfect fit that comes from Athleisure clothing!

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