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Unique Last Minute Halloween Costumes

October has gone by so fast, it’s hard to believe that Halloween is just days away. If you haven’t planned a Halloween costume yet, there’s still plenty of ways to make this year memorable. Last-minute costumes don’t have to be basic or boring, in fact, being in a time-crunch can produce the best results. Here are some ideas for cute and fun costumes that you won’t see everyone else at the party wearing.

For Horror Fans:

Esther (“Orphan”) - After the release of this year's prequel film Orphan: First Kill, this costume is as timely as ever, yet you’re not likely to see many Esthers running around this Halloween, making it a perfect creepy choice. Esther wears a navy blue, long sleeve dress with a peter pan collar. However, if you don't have anything similar, a long sleeve dress is all you need, because this costume relies on the details. To really channel Esther, wear pigtails with black ribbons and most importantly, fabric for both wrists and a thick choker.

Casey Becker (“Scream”) - Drew Barrymore’s character is only on screen for 20 minutes, but as the first victim of the franchise, even people who have never seen Scream would recognize this iconic look. For clothing, you’ll need blue jeans and a white or cream sweater. For the hair, you’ll need a short blonde wig. The most iconic prop for this costume would be a 90s telephone, but you could also use a knife or stovetop Jiffy Pop which you can get at your local Walmart.

Maxine/Pearl - The release X and its prequel film Pearl made Mia Goth this year’s horror queen, and also gave us two great costume ideas. Maxine is quite an easy costume, all you need are overall shorts (just wear a jacket outside), curled hair, or a red bandana/pigtail combo, and bright blue eyeshadow. If you can get your hands on a puff sleeved, red dress similar to Pearl’s, then you’ll just need a ribbon to tie your hair back and you’re all set. Both costumes will need an ax as well. These two costumes could also work as a pair with a friend!

For Girly Girls:

Victoria’s Secret Angel - This one is probably the most comfortable costume, you can literally wear pajamas and a pink robe. You can easily buy angel wings last minute online or by rummaging through Spirit Halloween to see what’s left over.

A Fairy - Similarly to the previous costume, if you can find fairy wings last minute, then you can use whatever you have in your closet and make this look your own.

Lana Del Rey - For LDR fans, the easiest way to channel the singer this Halloween would be the “Lust For Life” album cover look. All you’ll need is a flowy, long-sleeve white dress and some fake daisies in your hair, and voila! For added detail, you could incorporate cherries and hearts into the makeup or jewelry, as a nod to the tracks “Cherry” and “Love”.

Get Creative:

Tiffany Valentine - For this character, you’ll need a leather jacket, white dress, and black combat boots. However, the execution relies on the iconic bride’s makeup which includes dark thin eyebrows, gray/black eyeshadow, and lipstick to match, and don't forget the beauty mark. Barbie, eat your heart out.

Clarice Starling - One of the most iconic female characters in film history, there’s a lot of fun to be had with this costume. Starling wears neutral tones and big 90s blazers. To make sure people know who you are though, you can DIY an FBI badge, carry a plush lamb as a prop and if you want to go all out, you can use makeup to recreate the moth on the poster.

Peter (“Hereditary”) - This costume can easily be done in a few hours. Peter wears a green hoodie and white shirt with jeans and sneakers, but any color hoodie could work. You can DIY a crown with yellow construction paper, and use eyeshadow to create the bruises and gauze for the broken nose.

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