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TRICK OR TREAT? By Charlotte George

If Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter was a year, you already know it’d be 2020. From

regulations on masks, distancing, all these once fun in-person events either getting cancelled or

going virtual, it can feel like she just pulled a “Sectumsempra” spell and literally shredded up all

things to miniscule pieces. Is COVID-19 trying to trick us? I imagine this is probably how the

vast majority of us “muggles” or non-magical people felt in the beginning or even right now.

In this awkward yet historical timeframe, I believe it is ultimately up to us Earthly

people- wizards and non-wizards, to invent new ways of doing things in our at home Zoom

lectures with some whipped-coffee brewing in our kitchens. At Nu View, we are in dire need of

a new norm, after all it’s almost starting to become survival of the fittest to an extent. Fashion

wise, we are strutting our home floors in the latest tye-dye lounge sets, crop tops, slippers if you

feel like wearing shoes, and of course who could possibly forget: socks so fuzzy you’re already

getting future Christmas nostalgia. The saying “cabin fever” feels more real than Texas ever

having a chance at a white and snowy winter. Yep, every year us North Texans hope for the treat

of snow but then get hit with the trick of lightly frosted roads. Thankfully, how we experience

the coronavirus starts with a mindset.

And with millions of people in the world out of jobs, unfortunately the fashion industry is

low on the priority list. Nowadays, people couldn’t care less if your shoes are real or fake Gucci,

even if tackiness is in the question... To note however, this current economic low will most

definitely have an impact on what people buy, patterns, and what they consider worthy for

virtual meetings. More specifically, putting more time into their shirts rather than slacks.

Furthermore, smaller businesses are finally getting time to shine in the age of dwindling

capitalism. Being college students, this requires one of our most perfected talents- thrifting. Not

only is thrifting sustainable, but thrift stores are starting to have a lot more in-season garments

due to their quickly growing popularity. It’s a matter of now or never. We gotta get moving.

Now is the time to craft. Now is the time to self-design. Now is the time to film Tik Toks and

Anne Frank this whole situation with journaling apps. Tricks in design mixed with treats of

perseverance. Now is the time to take what we already have and cover it in the optimistic glitter

of next year. Oh, and happy early Halloween. It’s a spooky day, but not as spooky as having

nothing to wear at home.

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