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In this time amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many find themselves homebound, confined to their residence, with little to no outside activity. Several brainstorm new and inventive ideas to pass the time in self-isolation, while others turn to streaming services to keep entertained. This new phenomenon has surfaced terms such as “Coronavirus binge” or “quarantine entertainment,” with social influencers and media outlets producing a multitude of quarantine watch lists and blog posts keeping the public updated on the latest quarantine finds. As we adapt to this new norm, countless individuals find themselves hooked on the hottest binge-worthy shows. After months of absorbing all Netflix has to offer and lounging around in our favorite comfort clothes, it is time to get your fashion on! Here at NuView, we want to show you some seriously fun and easy outfit ideas based on your favorite quarantine TV shows:

First up, we have Outer Banks and the Pogue life that stole all our hearts during corona with its beachy fun and thrilling drama. Featuring trendsetting, effortless summer looks, you don’t have to search hard for inspiration. Colorful headbands and layered chokers? Yes please! Or how about a pair of cute high-waisted cut-off shorts? Totally! Here are some outfit ideas that are sure to knock your zoommates off their feet.

Floral/Printed Button Downs

You wouldn’t catch main character, John B, without one of his signature printed, button-down shirts, and you wouldn’t want to be caught dead without one either! These fun tops allow for casual and comfortable looks while spicing it up with some trendy, colorful patterns. Throw on one of these and you’ll instantly feel as if you’re going out in times when dressing up seems to have become a thing of the past.

Layered Tanks with Flannels

Lately, we’ve seen retro trends coming back into style, and Kiara Carrera puts a whole new spin on the classic flannel. Often seen in episodes wearing light-weight tanks and bikini tops, spunky Kiara pairs her outfits with long sleeve flannels to top the look. Whether you choose to tie the flannel around your waist or layer it on top of a summery tank, it’s sure to make your clothing pop!

Up next, we have a classic of the late 90s and early 2000s…FRIENDS! Whether you love the show or not, it’s impossible to disagree that Rachel Green was on her A-game when it comes to fashion.

High-waisted Blue Jeans

Look around. It’s not hard to see a 90’s revival when it comes to clothing right now, and the classic 90s blue jean is definitely on that list. Throw on a pair of these with a casual tee, and you’ll be set with a trendy, yet comfortable look.

Spaghetti Strap Dress Layered Over Tee

Tired of the same boring tee? Try layering a spaghetti strap dress on top, and voila an outfit is born!

Last, but not least, we have Gilmore Girls and Rory Gilmore’s beloved early 2000s fashion sense. This show, taking place in the small town of Stars Hollow, features some of the hottest looks of the early Y2K fashion that still rock today.

The Cardigan

Rory Gilmore’s “good girl” vibe would not be complete without her classic cardigan looks. Pair these cute tops with some comfy jeans or skirts to create an outfit that’ll never go out of style.

Low Rise Jeans

Not a fan of the 90s jean, never fear, for Rory Gilmore is here! Featuring her timeless low-rise blue jeans, Rory succeeds again in setting an easy to recreate trend.

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