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Top 5 Transitional Pieces to Have in Your Closet This Fall Semester

Another semester, another closet cleanout. Out with the old and in with the new! As we start our school year in the summer heat, it’s important to have those staple pieces that we can carry into the chillier seasons. So, here are your top 5 transitional pieces to take you from hot, hot, hot to super cool.

LBBs (Little black boots, duh!)

Okay, I feel like this first one is obvious. I mean, not having a trusty pair of LBBs is a certified sin! They are timeless pieces and look good through all seasons, from your beach days with a bikini to navigating the pumpkin patch with your SO. There are so many options out there for you to find your everyday boots, from Docs to some Dolly Parton style cowboy boots. These boots were made for walking, so make sure they are on you during those long walks across campus.

A GOOD pair of jeans

I cannot stress this one enough. Get a GOOD pair of jeans! I know better than anyone that finding the perfect denim for your body can be an indigo-filled NIGHTMARE. Especially if you are someone who hates the feel of stiff denim. But, I promise you, your perfect pair is out there

and you are going to need them on those student party nights where you’re screaming, “I have nothing to wear!”


Easy, breezy, beautiful button-downs! This is the easiest outfit to throw on in any season and truly the ruler of my closet. With so many options for fabric from silk to corduroy, this is the perfect layering piece and so wonderfully simple. It can even be worn on its own. On those days, you really want to look effortless but don't want to put much effort in; this is the piece for you.


For the days you truly can not be bothered, comfy loungewear sets are the IT GIRL. Not only can you literally sleep in them and wear them straight to class, but you can wear them out and about while you make some core campus memories! I highly recommend sets that come with both pants and shorts, so the transition to the chilly season is a breeze.

Midi Skirts

A staple piece for both a summer and autumn closet. A midi skirt with a slit, *chef’s kiss*. This is the button-down shirt of the bottoms community. This is a necessity in a year-round wardrobe and perfect for those trips to the farmers market or your local dining hall. Make this piece transition to chillier days with a pair of tights, a sweater, and a cute jacket, and boom you are fit for fall!

And there are your top 5 transitional pieces for your fall semester! Hit the closet to see what you’ve got and tag us sporting the pieces you bring from summer to fall

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