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The Ultimate Runway Playlist

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Writer: Angelina Oliva

Part of being alive is being in awe of a Marc Jacobs gown as it takes form on the runway. Being in this environment requires the ability to envision, envision the aesthetic that is the gown and all it creates. Music is one of the key factors of reaching this vision, making this the ultimate runway playlist. Vogue by Madonna The perfect opener to a runway, this song eases you in and takes off from there. It’s fun and upbeat, much like spring itself. I could find the joy in watching spring dresses flow along with Madonna’s melody. I mean the song is called vogue, if that’s not a good runway opener then what is? Shut Up Kiss Me by Angel Olsen This is a good transition song, it influences you to pay closer attention to the story the pieces are trying to tell because of its simplicity. There’s not alot of elements in this song to distract from the pieces themselves. Ca pourrait changer by Brigitte Bardot Bringing back the freshness, this song is very free spirited. With spring right around the corner, this song puts the runway pieces in action. I could picture a floral Erdem dress roaming the streets of Paris in the sun. George by Arlo Parks This track contrasts well with the other fast paced songs, it slows things down a bit again. It gives variety and changes the tone for a moment. Supalonely by BENEE, Gus Dapperton The start of the song is telling the audience things are about to take a turn again. It’s different because of the style if the term “floral” could be a chorus, it would be this one. Suburban wonderland by BETWEEN FRIENDS It’s time to get everyone ready for the end, this is bringing it down but maintaining balance between the slower and faster tones from this playlist. BOY BYE by BROCKHAMPTON Every show has a finale piece, thus every show should have the perfect finale song. The ending is in the name but also in the journey it takes you on just to end it seamlessly.

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