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The Rebirth

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

by Angelina Oliva

In the midst of the darkness comes beauty in revelations. During times of trials and fear people tend to look to the arts and philosophy to comfort them, this has been proven throughout time. Many have stared death in the face in this pandemic of COVID-19, and because of this they look to create and put their faith in a muse to make sense of what we’ve experienced. After the plague came the renaissance, the fulfillment in art, and what is fashion if not art?

Vogue Portugal’s April issue features two people kissing with masks on in black and white and it’s these images that push fashion into the world of humanitarian crisis. It’s cover has faced backlash over those who say if they wanted to hear about the news they’d turn on a news station, and that Vogue being a fashion magazine should stick to fashion.

Not saying anything speaks louder than words, and being silent has never been in style in fashion. It’s very naive to perceive fashion as pure materialism, those who believe in the shallowness of fashion don’t truly understand it.

It’s aware and acknowledges the state of the surrounding world, it wouldn’t make sense to ignore the truth of the matter and pretend like nothing extreme is happening in our world.

Being true to this statement was the Vogue Italia that showcased a white, blank cover. This was inspiring to me, their interpretation of rebirth and a clean slate was hopeful and motivating. This was also out of respect for first-responders in the midst of this epidemic, which is another example of how couture acknowledges global events instead of just sending a model with an empty meaning to the printing presses.

It’s time to look forward to a new age of fashion, the art that is yet to be created and the visuals that are being formed in thought in this moment of silence. If fashion doesn’t provide hope to those in desperate need of an escape then who will?

Not only this, but fashion houses like Dior and Burberry have stopped their usual production and started making masks and gowns to help those on the front lines.

Fashion is about being one, we’re one in our differences, we’re one in our varying expressions. It’s so much more than just clothes on a runway, but what does it mean? What does it symbolize? How will this change me?

After death comes life, the existence of all things new. Through these trying times, fashion is the promise of a new renaissance. It’s hope that the death that currently surrounds us will be reincarnated into a beauty that will withstand the bonds of time, in fashion, art, literature, or whichever form it decides to take.

A rebirth is coming.

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