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The Ethical "That Girl"

That Girl. A term we’re all familiar with and strive to be. It’s a girl who has her life together and eats healthy, but also goes out and has fun. Her every moment is a main character montage. “That Girl” is a growing phenomenon, but still the main question everyone asks is how do I become her?

Sometimes the answer is to just fake-it-till-you-make-it and the easiest way to do so is by dressing the part. But, don’t think you have to buy designer clothes to do so. The confidence in what you’re wearing is what gives you “That Girl” energy and I suggest finding the style that most suits you through second-hand shopping.

Secondhand stores can be found in most shopping centers in today’s society and are packed with potential. If going through the racks of clothing gives you anxiety, then perhaps start by going to a vintage market. Vintage markets consist of shops set up by small business owners all with their own assortment of items for you to shop through.

One of these small business owners is Sara Melton, owner of Nirvana Thrift (@nirvanathrift on Instagram). She has created a business through her talent of thrifting and finding stylish items that others might pass by. These pieces are all collected and then sold in her shop at markets in hopes that they will find their perfect match.

“I feel that thrifting is the best way for people to discover what their true style is,” says Melton. “Finding sustainable pieces that you personally love, building confidence, and learning how to embrace a piece with a story.”

That is what's great about shopping at thrift stores, no two pieces are alike. You just keep looking through the racks until you find a piece that speaks to you. This challenges you to discover what you like to wear rather than just what the latest microtrend is.

Once you find clothing that is unique to you, you feel confident knowing that you look good while still standing out in a crowd. This confidence is key to becoming “That Girl” and once you have it, you begin to carry yourself differently and not care what others think. This allows you to shed any worries you have about others’ thoughts and continue your path on the way to “That Girl” enlightenment.

*pictured above is Sara Melton, at popular roaming thrift store: @nirvanathrift, they set up at vintage markets across the DFW area. Check them out!

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