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Spring Fever All 2022

Let’s make 2022 all about switching it up!

Right now, neutral and basic-colored clothing is the trend. I LOVE neutrals, and I

consider neutrals my safe route, and it is always easy to play it safe. However, it is

always fun to switch it up and be bold.

I’ve noticed that there is a lot of fear surrounding bold colors and mix-matching

patterns, but there is no need to. If you are hesitant about bringing bold colors into

your life, let me help you! Here are my 2022 picks to make you the moment, the IT

girl, and the star of the show!


Colors are your best friend.

Bring out those glowing-greens, poppin’ pinks, playful purples, and bold blues. These

colors will surely make a statement and bring everyone’s attention towards your fit.

To even the colors out, don’t be afraid to add an accessory that stands out from your

outfit. As shown in the first picture of the collage, you can see the pink heels standing

out from the rest of the outfit to add an extra pizazz to the outfit.

Don’t feel the need to only have one bold color in your outfit, you can mix different

ones. You can also do this with my favorite thing in the whole wide world, patterns!


Patterns, Pretty Please.

Mixing patterns is usually looked down upon, but I don’t think that mixing patterns is

always a bad thing.

Mixing patterns is my favorite thing to do, because it brings a shock-factor to your

outfit, and it is something that can be pretty hard to pull off. Pictured above is my outfit for Fort Worth Fashion Week.

I wanted my outfit to give a western glam vibe, so I clashed two different patterns

together to give a “wild wild west” look. The easiest way to pull off different patterns

is to make sure that they are in the same color scheme. As you can see, my outfit had

different patterns, but still had the same types of browns and a basic brown corset top

that evened it out and brought it all together.

(bottom right and bottom left - @ravenelyse)

(top left corner - @aliblakey)

(middle left and top right corner - @whitefoxboutique)

Electric Envy!

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, electric and poppy colors.

This trend is definitely going to return sooner or later, but I want to jump on it early.

This is a bit similar to the bold colors listed earlier, but this one might be more subtle

and easier to jump onto. These colors are perfect for the spring, and it will definitely

brighten and freshen up your wardrobe.

Go into the rest of this year with a BANG, and do not be afraid to try something new!

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