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Updated: Jan 28, 2020

The fashion industry has changed. What was very rule following and semi-risk adverse is now rebellious and subversive, it’s used as a positive platform to propel and influence needed changes. Our goal this month is to emphasize that.

“We need to make fashion relevant again” - Olivier Rousteing

Rousteing said this about a year ago in the New York Times, the industry has come far since then, but it still has a long way to go. Currently, the world is going through its own metamorphosis, and the new generation is creating their own paradigm that is a lot more inclusive, excepting, and embracing than in previous decades. Like people, brands are constantly reinventing themselves; a new design direction is forged through the eyes of the leader. Lately the industry is either setting the trend of the decade or creating art that references and/or makes a political statement. The sole purpose of fashion nowadays is to cause waves, start a conversation, and make a statement. Long gone are the days when political statements in the fashion industry are taboo and controversial, in fact, now not only is that expected, that’s the goal.

With Nu View, we have been forging our own path. We want readers to feel like they can connect to our content. We’re not finding information that is already out there, we’re reporting on it before it even is, we’re observing what everyone does not notice. This month’s theme is “say something,” and trust us, we have a lot to say. Want to know what topics we’re covering this month? Wait and see!


Don and Sofia

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