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Even though we are all still doing our best to social distance and keep ourselves and our

community safe, Halloween is still right around the corner. Although bars are closed and parties

are cancelled this year, you can still find a way to be festive and have fun while remaining

socially responsible. Since masks are a must, I have personally had a lot of fun looking into

Halloween costumes that still look good if not better with a mask as an accessory. You can

make your mask just another fun feature to your costume rather than an inconvenience. For

example, if you were to go as a ninja, nurse or a burglar, then a mask that matches your costume

would go perfectly with your attire and maybe even add a bit more accuracy. You could even

DIY your mask in order to make sure it matches your ensemble flawlessly by painting on it or

even playing around with some fabric dye. There are endless ways to have fun this Halloween

while remaining safe and fashionable. So tune in to your creative side and give a new meaning

to Halloween mask by incorporating fun and festive facial coverings into your costume!

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