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One Life to Live

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

All anyone will remember in 50 years about the year 2020 is the pandemic and if we are not careful that’s all anyone will remember about the year 2021 too. The coronavirus has certainly taught us more than our fair share of lessons, but I hope we do not forget the most important one: life is short. In 50 years when we are old and senile, telling the same stories over and over again about our “glory years,” what are we going to want to say? There were hundreds of thousands of people that died from this pandemic. People who probably spent their lives letting it pass them by or wishing for the next chapter. We’re all guilty of it. How many times when you were younger did you wish you could just turn 18, so you are considered an adult, then 20, so you’re no longer a teenager, then 21, so you can drink - legally? There are a lot of reasons why we should hate this pandemic, but one of the biggest ones is because it has stolen a year of our lives, a year that we can never get back. For months, we weren’t really allowed to go anywhere or see anyone. Events that we had booked months in advance and were really looking forward to were cancelled and when we finally could rejoin society a lot of our favorite places were closed down. More than anything, I hope 2020 has reminded us that life is short, we need to live, not just survive.

At this point, who else is starting to notice that “when the pandemic is over” sounds a lot like “when I win the lottery?” For me, personally, I am lifting the restrictions brought on by the pandemic. I will go out whenever I want, to see whoever I want, wherever I want. Though I’ll still be safe, maintain a socially safe distance from strangers, that’s not going to stop me from physically letting my friends know how much I love and missed them. Masks will be treated like the hottest new accessory that I will never leave the house without, just like sunglasses in the summertime, trench coats in New York, or an outfit featuring a corset during fashion week. Another thing I’m going to stop doing is finding reasons or excuses not to do something and being scared of COVID. Part of being a person in your twenties is making really irresponsible decisions that’ll make for great stories later. 2021 will be my year of yes; every time someone asks me to go out or do something I am going to say yes. Even if I have work in the morning or an exam to study for, because at the end of the day, in 50 years I won’t remember the exam I barely passed because I didn’t study or how tired I was that one time when I showed up for the early shift to my McJob.

...But make it fashion

The fashion industry is as ephemeral as it is unforgiving and I’m through asking for permission. In addition to my “say yes” lifestyle resolution, I am also giving up trends. Besides, Karl Lagerfeld said that “trendy is the last stage before tacky” anyway. Part of truly living is being unapologetic about what makes you happy. Trends come and go, as they say: “one day you’re in, the next day you’re out.” There are a lot of trends and styles that, in my opinion, have gone way too soon. But here’s the thing, why do they have to. In 2021 I want to make originality a trend and personal style and not giving a damn! You only have one life to live, don’t waste it by concerning yourself with what’s going to be in fashion for the next five minutes. Instead, make the fashion yourself.


Don Davis

Nu View Editor in Chief

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