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As we all know, this pandemic has changed our lives in countless ways, but how has it changed

our fashion choices? Back in March, when Zoom calls were still unfamiliar and people were still

applauding healthcare workers from their porches, the idea of spending all of our time in pajama

pants and t-shirts was new and exciting. But now, as we settle in to this modified version of our

lives, the same clothes that we have spent the last few months in might feel a bit lackluster. A

fun way that I have found to remedy this unfortunate fashion rut we have found ourselves in is

upcycling! Rather than order new clothes online (which we all know is tempting), I have been

trying to breathe new life into my old clothes instead. You might be surprised how far a pair of

scissors, your boyfriend’s old t-shirt, and some leftover bleach might take you. Not all of us are

proficient tailors, but everyone can change up their style with just a little creativity and the

courage to make that first snip. Cut up t-shirts, bleached blue jeans and painted denim only

scratch the surface of what is possible in the world of upcycling. So this Fall, fall in love with

your old clothes all over again with a little DIY magic and a fresh perspective.

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