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Night at the Museum: A Show to Remember

The semi-annual Merchandising Incorporated fashion show has returned to the University of North Texas, taking over the Emerald Ballroom with its fierce models, creative stylists/designers and heart-throbbing musical guests. Night at the Museum (no - not the movie with Robin Williams) was an

epitome of style, art and freedom of expression. The show featured a diverse cast of models,

allowing a variety of women and men of different ethnicities and sizes to be represented on the

runway. The show communicated to the audience that art can come in any form. Fashion is an art

that is inclusive to everyone, and Night at the Museum managed to represent that in one swift


One of the designers, Alex Johnson, created a collection of gender-fluid looks that involved the

deconstruction of a suit. Her main inspiration: Peter Do. Do creates a variety of fluid suit-looks;

a design that’s right up her alley. “For me, I love suits, it’s my favorite thing to make,” said Johnson. “So, it was really just me incorporating something I like to make a lot and putting a twist on it.”

Johnson designed three different looks, each one as unique as the next. One of her models,

Genesis, wore a slate grey suit-jacket, slightly oversized, with colorful beads sewn along the

torso, sleeves and back. Plunging v-neckline, jeweled tights, spiky hair and sleek white

sunglasses topped it off. A favorite from the audience. It was edgy, sexy and a fun twist on the

classic formal wear.

Her second model wore a look that screamed fierce, class and elegance. Johnson designed an

all-black suit look with a long skintight skirt and a slit right at the hip. The look was complete

with a cropped suit jacket adorned with jewels that glistened as the sleeves hung off the


The model for this look, Alexandra Adams, strutted the design on the runway with confidence.

Adams felt more than proud to represent Johnson’s design. “It felt great, this is a look that a lot of time and effort was put into and it’s a great feeling to be able to bring my designer’s vision to life,” said Adams.

Johnson’s third model, Terrance, also rocked an all-black version of a suit. This one was more

form fitting, with broad shoulders, a jeweled lapel and lastly, an open back with a string of

crystals hanging halfway down the jacket. Sleek, timeless and a look that brought glam to a

whole new level!

Johnson is just one of the many designers that put a touch of her personality into her designs. All

the stylists and models showcased fashionable looks and many designers created unique and

memorable designs throughout the night. One of the models strutted the runway in a piece

inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” Swirls of yellow and blue decorated the model’s

off-the-shoulder top and ruffled sleeves. The blue hair and intricate headpiece tied it all together;

the piece gave an unforgettable praise to the famous painting - with a fashionable twist. Another model walked the runway with an adorable pattern up her sleeves: an off-the-shoulder top featuring cute little bears. A statement that’s sure to give you a warm and cuddly feeling.

Model Miles Angelo believes fashion and modeling are more than just putting together an outfit.

“It’s an expressive art, you know,” said Angelo. “It’s not just clothes, it’s an art piece.” These designs represented art through a unique lens, with a touch of each designer’s personality in every one of them. The models strutted the runway with confidence. It was a night that no one will forget, and everyone will remember. “This is my last show, so it’s a very bittersweet ending,” said Adams. “But I’m so happy with how it went, and it was such an amazing group of people that I got to experience it with.”

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