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My Top 5 Style Icons and Inspirations

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Fashion is subjective; with that being said, I want to share the subjects of my inspiration. I credit the following people as my style icons as well as current trendsetters. Their styles are a wide variety which I feel can cater to all personalities. I selected these public figures because they are very versatile with their personal style and always bring a new inspiration with every outfit they post. If you were looking for style inspo well look no further. Here are my absolute top 5 style icons.

#1 Devon Lee Carlson (@devonleecarlson)

She's a model, social media influencer, and most notably she's the co-owner/founder of Wildflower Cases, which is a trendy phone case company that has been taking the internet by storm! She is a big inspiration as a businesswoman and style icon. I have been following her since 2016 and her unique style has changed and grown in so many ways, which is why she is number one on my list. She excels in piecing together an outfit you would never think to put together. If you follow her Instagram you will probably see that she has been taking inspiration from a lot of early 2000s trends. Some of her style icons being Dennis Rodman and Devon Aoki - rightfully so. So, if you have been into that whole “Y2K” look you will love her outfits!

#2 Jesse Rutherford (@chipchrome)

Although he’s adopted a new chrome look, he's still putting together outfits that’ll have you wanting to mix n’ match (mostly mix) all the clothing in your wardrobe. Jesse Rutherford, lead singer of The Neighbourhood, is first when it comes to expressing yourself and your feelings through style. His main Instagram has been overtaken by “Chip Chrome,” the persona he created for his band's last album release, so his feed is mainly filled with silver ensembles. Even though he stuck to this persona, you can still see how he incorporated his individual style into his character. If you want a better gauge into his personal style, pre-Chip Chrome era, I recommend you check his tagged posts and scroll through, because fan accounts are always posting pictures of him.

#3 Alexa Chung (@alexachung)

Alexa Chung is a fashion designer and if you follow her Instagram you also probably want every piece in her collection too! I would label her style as sophisticated and polished, but still playful and fun. She does so well with styling trench coats and pulling off a good maxi dress. Her style is so clean and fitting for every occasion, which is something I admire about her. Honestly, I could say that I would wear any and all of the outfits she has posted. Her personality really shines through what she wears and she wears it very well.

#4 Enya Umanzor (@enyaumanzor)

Enya Umanzor, formally known as “Enjajaja,” is a YouTuber now turned Podcaster. If you recognize the name, you probably know that she was known for having the brightest hair colors and styles, which she changed frequently. Her style is so appealing to me, because she adds the perfect amount of femininity to an outfit that is neither miniscule nor overbearing. She is a pro at styling a skirt or dress with a chunky platform shoe, and styling bold patterns like camouflage or multi-colored patchwork. She is one of the reasons why I enjoy outfits with feminine silhouettes, but also feature a boy-ish style. Her start on YouTube, in 2015, is one of the reasons I credit her as an early trendsetter.

#5 Ashley (@best.dressed)

I would describe Ashley’s style as sophisticated, vintage, chic, feminine, and in the words she’s used to describe multiple of her own outfits: “picnic bitch-esque.” She loves a good skirt or dress and isn’t afraid to go extra-mini when it comes to these articles of clothing. Her layering and mixing is unique and top-tier. She makes the most out of her wardrobe by finding new ways to wear an item differently every time. She originated on YouTube and frequently posted thrift vlogs and styling videos every week. If you see one of her styling videos you will notice how much use she gets out of her clothes by layering it over or under different things and making a seemingly new outfit every time. I recommend her video where she gives 10 ways to wear a dress. I guarantee that the inspiration for an outfit will hit you!

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