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Jubilee by Tina Tran

These two looks embody the festive and fun feel of the holidays by mixing different textures and bold colors. The theme of "Jubilee" is a celebration of oneself where one is free to have fun and express who they are. Through vivid colors, a myriad of textures, prints, and lots of glitter, the holidays cannot be a more zealous event. Natalia is wearing a blue cheetah print velvet bodycon dress layered over a black sheer bodysuit. She pairs the dress with black knee-length boots to tie the look altogether. The bright blue against the classic black makes the outfit pop in a subtle yet fierce way. While Jensen goes for more a casual holiday outfit by pairing a cropped pink velvet jacket with dark blue denim jeans and sneakers. By having an everyday item paired with a statement top, this allows one to be comfortable whilst still being trendy. With this, anyone who has a holiday party to attend can feel free to play with any print, texture, color or look to put together a fun, bold, cohesive outfit.

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