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Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Leggings are made of plant-based material.

Fashion is turning heads with its eco-friendly and sustainable garments. Customers no

longer have to dwell on their impacts on society when they wear Happy Earth. I took the

opportunity to find affordable and fabulous quality apparel that would make any shopper proud

of their purchase. Happy Earth proposes a healthier planet based on the products purchased. With

every purchased product, Happy Earth is ambitious to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide,

restore and reforest, and eliminate plastic pollution.

The long sleeve and short sleeve are both constructed with organic cotton.

Happy Earth is an e-commerce business with around five apparel selections, six

accessories, and six collections all-around, $25 to $32. Constructed with organic cotton and

delivered with zero-waste packaging. Everything is also vegan and manufactured by certified

World Fair Trade organizations. Fair Trade organizations are manufacturers that are

environmentally within suitable standards and handle workers with care as well as respect.

Moreover, the variety of products don't just stop at apparel. Happy Earth has expanded to

blankets, hats, backpacks, paper goods, etc—any target market can enjoy this variety.

The products manufactured are made with cotton, recognized as a soft and smooth

material. For this reason, Happy Earth earns 4.0 stars out of 5 on the website Knoji. Customer-

based reviews are also found when shopping, they're perfect for describing genuine sizes,

appearances, and the texture of the clothes.

Overall, purchasing sustainable clothing benefits the planet, and brands whose mission

is to clean and rejuvenate the planet make the purchases more meaningful. Multiple brands

participate in eco-friendly trends; however, the cost to enjoy these garments is extremely high.

Happy Earth is not your typical fast fashion, it's more on the slower spectrum, but with care and

a purpose to save the planet who can be furious.

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