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Incoming! LES MUSES VINTAGE has arrived to Denton Square

A new addition to Denton Square, but a long standing boutique of the Denton community

By Sofia Greaves

Denton square is the heart of Denton Texas. It's a small city with a lot of history and it just got a new edition . Les Muses has just moved from a small house on elm street into the square . They have long been citizens of Denton but they started the store in the year 2000 while living in Austin Texas. They have moved around the state of Texas to end up back At their roots in Denton, operating in a house on Elm street for two years before the space on the square opened up.

Les Muses started when the owner Dawn Gaston quit her job in law enforcement to follow her Passion full time:

"I started my first antique business. I started out in antiques, more than the clothing, so i sold a lot of french furniture and things from England, France Spain . . . more European antiques. The business did very well but i had been collecting vintage handbags and jewelry since i was a teenager so i love that part. so i started just decorating with a little bit of the handbags, hats lingerie. . . and that started taking off even better than the antiques. so it just kind of evolved into something where I had a whole section for clothing and accessories and still did the furniture and home [decor]. I had to go into doing the clothing, and as things progressed since this was really more my passion (the clothing and fashion part), i started fazing out some of the [miscellaneous] stuff." Dawn Gaston

She then had an opportunity to move the business to The Heights near Montrose, a neighborhood very close to the Art District in Houston when her customers had knowledge and true appreciation for her inventory.

"It feels like i rescuing some of the merchandise and stuff that would just find its way in a landfill. the history of (the vintage fashion) is important to me, the style, the fabrics...."

Some of the materials that make something vintage typically are Lucite (in jewelry), brocade, and certain Jacquard. These are weaves that involve a lot of work and hands on activity that is more unique now than 25 years ago in ready to wear, in-store clothing, style wise, silhouettes from the 20th century stand out as original because remakes of the 21st century have a modernized influence and are easier to wear everyday in commonplace.

"Im out looking, shopping everywhere. so i go to a lot of estate sales. [i once] went to four estate sales and came away with very little. so everything is handpicked by me. so everything has to be in really good condition. i have to see something about it that speaks to me and i am very careful not to get things that have [been heavily worn].

At the end of the day, Les Muses is a family business. they value their customers choices and needs. no matter what is trend at the time, they will hand pick something unique for you ranging from old designer, limited-edition to simple well made clothing. To run a vintage store you have to have a good eye but you mainly have to have a good hand. She hand picks everything and they do not get donations. She is very selective and meticulous and we applaud her for that because the pieces in this store are proof of quality, customer care, and talent for recognizing authenticity.

Follow @lesmusesvintage on instagram for updates on what they have in stock!

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