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How “Kidcore” on TikTok is Bringing Back Neons for Spring 2021

The color customizer filter has never looked so good. “Kidcore” or “Nostalgiacore”, commonly mistaken for “indie”, is on the rise in the world of TikTok. With both hashtags on the app reaching about fifty-nine million views! With all eyes on TikTok to find teen trends fast, we saw a boom in color. This aesthetic consists heavily of rainbows, baby-tees, and most importantly, neon. The “color customizer” filter, used to turn saturation up on a video, has also had a large contribution to this huge comeback. As we know, neon is anything but a new trend. Neon was one of the biggest tends of the ‘80s, with tights, leotards, and athletic wear coming in bright green, pink, orange, blue, and yellow. This time around, neon is less in athleisure and more in streetstyle.

Bright shirts are paired with baggy straight cut jeans, layered silver necklaces, and topped off with white sneakers. Another way neons are making a huge impact in a small way is beaded necklaces and bracelets. Whether they are stacked up or on their lonesome, this is a great way to subtlety add neons to your outfit. That’s not the only way to incorporate this new trend into your wardrobe. Keeping the base of your outfit low-key and putting on bright accessories like bucket hats, scrunches, or even shoes can elevate your ensemble.

With spring right around the corner, it’s safe to say we are going to see a lot of neon. When trying out this trend, if you're unsure that you’ve got it down, turn on the color customizer filter and if it’s glowing it’s a go. So get out your LEDs, Yerba Mate, and beads, because we’ve got a bright spring ahead.

Pictures and Article by Clare Galvan (ig: Pictured: UNT students: Maya Stevens (She/They) (ig: @themayastevens) and Madaline Rouse (She/Her) (ig: @madalinerouse)

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