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FASHION: The Greatest Weapon in Our Self-Expression Tool Box

There is a tiny bit of “main-character energy” in all of us. This doesn't always have to mean one

is always the center of attention, but rather a way of looking at your life and being proud and

pleased by what you see. As I see it, one can romanticize their life without being aesthetically

perfect. One can use this approach for daily life or motivation for the future. It is where

mindfulness and dreaming come to meet. For many, the romanticization of their own worlds

could mean seeing silver linings in unfortunate circumstances, filling their lives with beautiful

things and experiences, or a way to find light in a time that may be full of darkness.

For so many and myself included, fashion can be an escape and a tool for change. Whether it is

one's whole career or a small aspect of their life, clothing is an act of self-care. Clothing is one of

the purest forms of self-expression that has the ability to express your current mental state,

feelings, and ambitions in that moment.

Romanticizing your life through fashion does not have to mean incorporating more pearls,

florals, and nostalgic garments into your wardrobe. Essentially, through fashion and one's

self-expression you’re changing your perspective on life. You are trying to and successfully

finding beauty that resides in every new day and looking at things with fresh eyes. I believe we

are all capable of being our own “it-girl;” we are our own before we are anyone else's.

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