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Fashion Motivates

In 2020, our lives had to be placed on hold. We transitioned from in-person learning to online learning, from gathering with our loved ones to not being able to see them, from expressing our fashion to having to wear pajamas the majority of the time. As we begin another year, we get the opportunity to regain everything we have lost.

When malls began to close during the lockdown, many individuals decided to purchase online. “At first, I was a little skeptical about buying online because I was used to being able to try my clothes before buying them. But because of COVID-19, we couldn’t do that anymore,” Nigeth Preciado says. “Then later, buying online became something I really enjoyed.” Now that we are trying to go back to normal, people are going out more than usual to update their clothes.

Fashion has a different impact on people’s lives and is something they use to express themselves. College students like Graduate Mandeepa Kumawat believe it is important to dress appropriately when it comes to being on campus. First impressions should be significant for everyone since you could end up bumping into someone that could help develop your professional career. She also admits that if she dresses well, it bumps up her confidence.

As well as Kumawat, Zyair Holland says dressing up reflects on how you feel. “Let’s say I feel terrible. I might just walk out of the house in some sweats and put some slides on, but I might also feel horrible and decide to dress up,” he says. “Then people start complimenting you, and that just makes you feel a hundred times better.”

Sophomore Voke Onoriose mentioned that dressing up to school is what is keeps her motivated. If she did not dress nice, she would not want to be there. Fashion to her is a sense of style where she gets to put clothes on that represent herself.

When it comes to finding inspiration on how to dress or look up trendy styles, many direct to Instagram or Pinterest. Pinterest allows you to search for styles to recreate, or it even helps you find clothes that you have been looking for. Others go to their favorite artists and gain inspiration from them. The truth is, you could really gain inspiration from anything. However, many decide to inspire themselves.

“Frankly speaking, I just look at myself,” Kumawat says. “I do not want anyone to inspire me. In this way, I can improve myself.”

Overall, we saw how students these days use fashion as a way to express themselves. They use it as a way to inspire others and make good impressions, to look good, and to feel good. They do not care what anyone has to say. It is you and your own skin and your own clothes. You make it look good.

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