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With the arrival of autumn comes cooler weather and the spirit of Halloween filling our

thoughts. Pumpkin carvings and falling leaves become commonplace as the seasons start to

change. Halloween costume ideas navigate their way to the forefront of our minds as we google,

scheme, thrift, and coordinate, BUT dressing up as spooky characters aren’t always the most

practical outerwear for every occasion. Hmm, but what to wear, what to wear? Autumn trends of

course! Here at NuView, we want to show you just how fun…and practical fall fashion can be!


You can’t go wrong with a classic layered outfit. It’s perfect for those in-between weather days and allows you to be prepared for whatever surprises the weather has in store. We say bring it on! A collared, white, button-down paired with a comfy sweater or sweatshirt pulls for a practical, yet stylish look. You can even tweak the outfit for a more casual vibe pairing a turtleneck with a polo or t-shirt.

Sweater Vests

Yes, that’s right! Sweater vests are the way to go. The timeless 70’s sweater vest is making a

comeback, and you don’t want your wardrobe to miss out! Pair a collared button-down or a long-

sleeve turtleneck with a comfy sweater vest to create the perfect, modern take on this ageless classic.


Whether you incorporate plaid into a layered look or a mini skirt, this pattern is definitely making an impact on current fall fashion.


Chunky stripes and fall colors are the dynamic duos of today, making this a trend you don’t want to miss out on.

The possibilities are endless. Gear up and be creative.

Tag us @nuviewmagazine on Instagram - we would love to see what you come up with!

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