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Fall Color Story

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

By Sofia Greaves

In light of fashion week season, street style is at its boldest, and runway shows are at the forefront of our Instagram feeds. Retail workers are going to have to keep up with the customers [that's us!] that are looking for items that will catch the eyes of bystanders just like like street style legends Eva Chen and Kendall Jenner. Here are the colors you will need to do so. I have curated a palette based on what's in store and colors that are underrated but will be a trend setter.

1. Show and Teal

This fall, teal is going to be darkened and then integrated into the closet as night-out clothing.  For the daytime, it looks great within plaid items.  Adding color does not have to be bright pink or red. If you are used to wearing dark colors, teal is a great way to stay in your comfort zone. It is an unexpected hue, but looks beautiful on the body when it comes in unexpected fabrics or silhouettes like a rusched crop top or a satin mini

2. Blue But Make It Neutral

Denim is a classic staple in our wardrobes, so to shake things up, borrow the color for different textures, best used as a neutralizing color to balance out all the darkness. Because it is considered a lighter fun summer color, its easily accessible in any store and looks good behind a dark print. Pair a light blue blouse with your light wash denim and light grey hunter boots and you have an easy stylish outfit to throw on for a rainy day.

3. Golden Hour Every Hour

Last year, we saw all versions of this sunny hue. Men and women have been integrating this hue into their closet since 2017 and yet it was not color of the year. This color will stay just as popular. It is versatile in keeping the summer energy in a fall outfit.  We know that most college students have a foolproof uniform of jean vans and a sweatshirt. So, my fellow classmates, when you need to add accessories, look for some in this golden shade at your favorite retail store.

4. A Latte Of Neutrals

Comfort is the new “trendy.” In the color biosphere, that means warm colors that satisfy the eyes. In clothing that translates to biker shorts, t-shirt dresses, and those gargantuan fila sneakers. Coffee colored browns in comfortable textiles are the best way to dress down a bolder piece. plus, this makes it easier to test out trendier prints like cheetah if you fear to have a faux past. Neutral are the foundation of any effortless outfits, so play with the levels of warmth. With this neutral, you will be leaving the house feeling good and looking great.

5. Berried In A Plum Garden

This is a great color for going full monochromatic because it is a lipstick shade. Dark plums, purples, and mauve lipsticks are great fall lipsticks, and I guarantee we will see it finally because popular in the clothing department. Topshop, a big trendsetting brand, came out with a chunky knit sweater at Nordstrom and it sold out quick during their anniversary sale. The casual offset is to add that this to your streetwear. Expect to see it more when the temperature dips significantly.

All of these colors together would make beautiful artwork, so be the canvas and test these out for yourself!

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