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Expect to see these fall trends going back to campus

As soon as the last strawberry donut pool floats are hastily taken off the shelves and replaced with aisles of notebooks, braided folders, and overpriced pens, the stationary bells go off in your head until you realize it oddly sounds familiar—school bells.

Coming down from a summer’s high of drive-in movies and Ferris wheel rides—after getting your Covid vaccine of course—the moment it’s time to memorize your class schedule, you chose instead to hit the labor day sales to begin a seamless wardrobe transition to fall. If we’re making a comparative fall fashion timeline, the season we all spent inside wearing the same grey sweats to every zoom meeting does not count, so of course, it gave us time to conceive and birth new trends.

As expected, boots and sweaters have entered the scene but in a reimagined way. From our own UNT students, these autumn trends have finally gone from the very hangers that have been collecting an alarming amount of dust, to the pavement.

  1. Tote bags


The days of stuffing your backpack to its unbearable ends have long gone. If you haven’t already seen tote bags in every corner cafe, you definitely will now. I will admit I experimented to see if the magical tote worked functionally just as it does aesthetically, switching from an Adidas backpack to a green tote in the span of a week. My hypothesis was confirmed. It doesn’t break your back, and it’s easier to match with your outfit!

  1. Sweater Vests


Layered or not, sweater vests are reincarnated every season, making a return in various forms and styles. As you’ll later see, preppy fashion is more popular than it was in the late 70s since the ivy league is becoming a more desirable aesthetic.

  1. Chunky!


From summer to fall and everywhere in-between, chunky shoes have come in all shapes and sizes to adapt to any season. A good transition staple, the chunky shoe—whether a heel, boot, or loafer—is a statement.

  1. Varsity Style

@alexdelanie & @alenannguyen

A timeless staple, the classic varsity style has made its return to the fashion cycle and at the top. The back-to-school spirit comes in waves of letterman jackets and knife-pleated skirts. This athletic and scholarly aesthetic even motivates you to play the part as long as you’re dressing for it, and the academics will hopefully follow.

  1. Printed Pants


Floral, checkered, animal print, abstract, the possibilities are endless. I personally adore this trend as it allows for the creativity to roam and uniqueness to breakthrough, in a non-cliché way. It’s easy, effortless, and bold. To bypass this trend would be a mistake because done right, the praising wave of compliments are sure to follow.

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