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How to be Ethical and Fashionable by Hosting a Style Swap!

Fast fashion, although sometimes tempting, is usually not the most ethical way to go

when spicing up your wardrobe. Since it’s the season of giving back, it is more important than

ever that we make sure our fashion choices are made from a place of compassion and social

responsibility. One way I have found to revive my wardrobe, without compromising my morals,

is by having a style swap with some friends. A style swap is a fun way to try new styles out,

while simultaneously keeping in touch with some of your closest pals. All you have to do is

invite a group of friends over and have them bring along some clothes they are willing to part

with. Then, you and your friends can swap clothes back and forth so that at the end of it all not

only have you cleared up some space in your own closet, but you have also added some fun new

pieces that you might be able to get use out of, when your friend couldn’t! Not only is this a great

way to find fun new pieces and connect with friends, but it is also a great alternative to fast

fashion. So, this holiday season, I encourage you to host a style swap. There is no telling what

new pieces you might find or memories that you might make!

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