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The pop-cultural development of apocalyptic entertainment has reached the fashion industry and brands have created collections thematic to an imagined apocalypse or artifacts that will really work for it. Though, the ongoing pandemic has casted upon the world the idea of darkness what better way to brighten its ghostly spirits with a bit of glam and fashion. This October, we are going to dive into the collaborations of fab and sad and create some unique looks that will leave you looking both spooky and sexy; everyone will be craving for more!

Codename "Witch" Next Door

Truth or Dare? If you picked truth, then you are the next hit member of the hex girls. Pairing a classic plaid skirt with some chunky open-toed platforms and a spooky graphic t-shirt will get you the outfit you desire. Complete the look with some added accessories like celestial necklaces and rings. To fully cast your spell, finish off with a mesmerizing, mystical pop of sparkling green eye shadow and a monochromatic lime green lip. Dare to shine!

"Jinkies! Oh My!"

Not spooky, yet she solves spooky mysteries. This Velma Dinkley inspired look is almost equivalent to the revamp of her style in the Scooby Doo 2 film. This outfit is would be a great addition to your wardrobe and a stylish every day look for this season. A nice pair of velvet bell bottom pants will go well with either a cropped sweater or long-sleeve turtleneck blouse and a pair of combat boots. If its colder in your area, add on a faux coat and beret hat. For extra style, try one of these glam looks to wake up the monsters.

New Creature, Who Dis?

You are chill one day and by the next you wake up with the tendencies of being someone or something new: vampiric perhaps? To keep it simple yet full of spice, try this mesh blazer and black pant matching set that will leave you looking like the boss lady of all vampiric realms. To emphasize the bold look, incorporate a smoky eye with red eyeliner on the bottom water line and deep red or maroon lip.

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