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Dressing for Midterms and Finals: Can you Dress for Test Success?

As midterms and finals are approaching, dressing for success might be key in helping students get the grade they want. What we wear has impacts that are often overlooked such as impacts on our overall mood, feelings, and thoughts. While wearing your “lucky socks” may seem important, so is making sure you are comfortable and confident on your test-taking day. Dressing in an outfit that boosts your confidence and self-worth can positively impact your performance on those important tests like your finals and midterms. Studies show that students who feel confident in their outfit have a higher sense of self-confidence which is key when taking exams.

When students are dressed well, they feel good, which correlates to better moods and self-confidence. So on your next test day wear an outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in, chances are it may improve your score!

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