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Denim Lookbook

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Here at Nuview, we like to be big and bold, and we are starting with Denim. Denim can be very basic, so here is a nostalgic twist on the original workwear textile.

Styled by Qeren Fundi

Models: Qeren Fundi, X'Zandrea Johnson, LeAnn Abdul-Jabar

My inspiration was mainly 2000's R&B/Edgy style. I wanted to have three different types of looks that we, the models would be wearing.

The first style was sported by X'zandrea (@x.zandrea), she wore a denim long sleeve, button-down dress and we paired it with a black corset on top. We completed the look by adding the black heel, thigh-high boots that fit into the puzzle piece perfectly. The loud eyes were everything the look called for. The corset helped throw in a bit of edginess with a balance of sexiness and definitely one of my favorite looks.

Next, we have LeeAnn (@aj_the_queen), who wore a deep cut, V-neck long sleeve with some bootcut jeans and we tied a scarf around her waist that added the finishing touches to the look. We paired it with some clear fluorescent heels and a sparkly glitter handbag, you know, the small cute ones that we see all of our favorites rocking on Instagram. Her white eyeliner was the perfect go-to, complimenting her light-colored outfit; it pieced it all together.

Lastly, my look consisted of a blue crop top, with a black denim vest, some mid-wash jeans counteracting the vest and some red vans to tie everything together. The crop top definitely helped tie in a racy look into the lookbook.

Overall, I was proud of everything came together, it goes to show, whatever you want to do you can do it. It doesn't matter how big or small, just do it! You'll be glad you did!

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