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December 2021 Editor's Letter

This year for Christmas we were gifted the hottest fashion trends of 2021. Before you submit your wish lists to Santa this year, let’s dive into the necessities.

As surprising as it was to see the sweater vest make its way into 2021 street style, it was anything but disappointing. Where the sweater vest was once worn predominantly by older professionals, it’s now seen on Gen Z students and young adults. The sweater vest is often seen worn over a solid colored button up paired with chunky Doc Martens or a two toned lug boot.

Exercise dresses and tennis skirts were seen all over Instagram earlier this year. After the release of the Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress, many women were seen wearing it as an athleisure staple. The tennis skirt (often seen worn in white) has also become a fashion must-have this year. The tennis skirt may be paired with a sweater and Air Force 1’s for a casual look or you can layer a button up with a sweater vest and booties for a night out on the town.

Our personal favorite trend this year had to be gender neutral fashion. Although unisex fashion is not new, it has become a more continuing trend in the last year. Gender identity has grown more apparent in the media in relation to a variety of themes, not simply fashion, and many firms have responded by creating genderless collections and more inclusive advertisements.

Male celebrities like Harry Styles and Kid Cudi wore dresses, skirts, and pearl necklaces, while female celebrities like Billie Eilish wore large T-shirts and baggy shorts to help battle the idea of "gender norms." Fashion, regardless of who it was made for, should make you feel good at the end of the day. Wear it if it makes you feel good.

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