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Back To School

School is finally here, and, for many of us, that no longer means popping into zoom calls or online forums. No, times are changing yet again. We are braving the world around us, backpacks in hand, eager to learn. It’s time to dust off the jeans in the back of our closets and set our loungewear aside. It’s time to step out into the world again. Times are uncertain, but our fashion doesn’t have to be. That’s where Nu View comes into play. In this ever-changing society, nu view offers a new perspective, a new norm.

We’ve forgotten what it’s like to dress up with somewhere to go. As we shift into this new era of in-person classes, meetings, and events, nu view shares our takes on the latest back to school trends. So, get up, gear up, and get ready to make this school year one for the books!


Sarah Hogan

Senior Editor

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