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"Fashion has always been a powerful political tool used to communicate a message, positive or negative"

-Yara Shahidi as Zoe Johnson on Grownish.

What makes the leaders of the fashion industry special are that they don't just dress nicely, they inspire people to be just like them. We are inspired by those who lead with their most unpopular opinions, and sometimes, they portray those opinions through they choice of clothing. People like Janelle Monet, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Ashley Graham are style icons that also are known for way more than their sense of style. People pay attention to them because they are not afraid to be authentic inside and out. Leaders promote inclusivity, which makes all the difference between being intimidated and being inspired to be better. Historically, they introduce new interpretations of societal standards. The New Look wasn't popularized because Christian Dior just got lucky. It was a direct response to an institutional limitation.

In light of inclusivity, Black history month will not be glazed over at Nu View. In fact, it is our job as Editors, who are people of color, to make not only UNT students aware of the culture that inspires trends today but to stay educated ourselves on cultures, sizes, and backgrounds outside of our own. Fashion can be a commentary or reflection of economic, social, and digital trends. Even Anna Wintour herself said, "fashion can be equally interesting and equally important when it's being subversive." Instead of just regurgitating new fashion trends back to you, we are going to give you content with a unique twist on modern-day fashion topics, so expect us to Lead you in the most fashionable and sustainable direction.


Don and Sofia

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