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9 Reasons To Take His Blazer, Not His Hoodie

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

…okay, take the hoodie too.

Boyfriends are useful for a whole slew of reasons, at the very top of that list of reasons is their clothes, we steal them and they have to pretend that they’re happy about it, or at the very least they have to pretend that they don’t mind. We really started to see “the blazer” trend come into fashion in the years prior to 2016, but it didn’t really start to gain popularity until 2018-2019. That’s when it evolved into the “boyfriend blazer,” i.e. big oversized blazers that can be both boss-b*tch-business-casual and street-style-chic. A year later, and this trend isn’t showing signs of going anywhere anytime soon, so you better know all the ways that you can style this look.

Here’s how to rock a blazer:

#1 Oversized-Oversized

The key to rocking an oversized blazer is to make everything else skin-tight; a nice fitted crop top or baby-tee, along with some pants you could barely sit down in, and some subtle shoes - the shoes could either be some casual heels or your favorite pair of chunky sneakers. To really complete the look, throw on a chain necklace or some other accessory - something strong, yet dainty.

#2 Have the Blazer Itself Be the Accessory

Similar to your jeans in 2018, and your denim jackets in 2019, your blazer is getting some love in the form of embellishments, beads, pearls, and studs. You could easily do this trend yourself with five minutes, one of the blazers your boyfriend never wears, and a bedazzler gun. You’ll have a statement jacket and a blazer that will turn heads all in one.


Don’t be afraid of crazy patterns or vintage plaids. The secret to pulling it off is to (1) wear neutral colors like in the picture above, (2) wear the colors within the blazer itself, or (3) play it safe and chic, wear all black underneath and have the blazer be the pop of color. It looks very stylish and it’ll match every time, because, after all, “[black] looks good with anything!”

#4 Layer It!

When in doubt, throw on a cute trench coat!

#5 Your Grandparents Blazer

Trust me, that blazer in the back of your grandparents’ closet is not ugly, in fact, the “uglier” it is the better. Similar to a blazer with a wild pattern, if you have a neon blazer or one of those powder-blue blazers with all the ruffles that your grandfather wore to prom, the simplest way to make-it-fashion is just to wear all black underneath, (I know, I know, my solution to everything) subtle shoes, subtle make up, and minimal jewelry. You could also find blazers like this in thrift stores, the less aesthetically pleasing it is, the cheaper it’ll be – if only they knew.

#6 Pair it with Leather

Vinyl trousers and faux-leather skirts is another way we are seeing the blazer trend styled and I 10 out of 10 recommend! I’m literally obsessed, it’s one of those day-to-night transitional outfits and we have no choice but to STAN! You’ll always look like you just left somebody’s runway show during fashion week, or like you’re meeting a Kardashian for brunch.

#7 A Monochromatic Moment

Monochrome is having a moment in 2020 and I am here for it! Matching sets are all the rage right now and there is no way that they’re going to die down. Powersuits are the perfect way to let the world know that you are a boss b*tch, channel your inner Meryl Streep from The Devil Wears Prada or your modern-day Jacqueline Carlyle from The Bold Type and take the world by storm!

#8 Add a Belt

my recommendation, Gucci for the office and Off-White for a night out

When the blazer might be a little too large, adding a belt over the top will help to cinch in your waist and make the oversized blazer a little more purposeful. It would actually be better if the belt stood out and was part of the outfit instead of blending in and being the same pattern or even a similar color as the blazer. This would help make the belt more of an accessory, bonus, hardly any other jewelry would be needed.

#9 Borrow His Old Band Tee Too

Lastly, there’s the obvious, pair your boyfriend’s blazer with one of his graphic tee’s, skinny jeans, and some cute boots. This outfit is a little more punk rock and edgy, perfect for a street style look. The most important thing about styling this look is to make sure that the band tee is either tucked in or tied and knotted. Also, don’t forget to accessorize!

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