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5 Unique & Sustainable Small Businesses on Instagram That You Must Check Out

Looking for some new inspiration or fun pieces to add into your life? Here are five small

businesses with the most unique and never before seen pieces that will blow you away.

5. Mila Textiles

ig: @milatextiles

This London-based brand specializes in creating beautifully hand-made beaded and threadwork

accessories that will definitely spice up your wardrobe. Acknowledging the talent and effort that

goes into every piece is much needed for a brand like this.

4. NOTTE Jewelry

ig: nottejewelry

Looking for some fun new jewelry or inspo? NOTTE jewelry has you covered! This spontaneous

and quirky approach to achieve this eccentric aesthetic all starts with the use of different types of

metals and materials such as brass, pearls, silver, seashells, and much more. This brand has also

been previously featured in many well-known magazines including Elle, BoF, Vogue,

Nylon, WWD, and NYMag!

3. Hot Lava

ig: shophotlava

This sustainable, all-inclusive brand is all about taking a new approach to creating a modern edge

by including various prints and eccentric color combinations into their unique, never before seen

clothing. It’s all things trendy, yet quirky, by showing off the beauty in individuality and freedom.

This brand is size friendly and environmentally cautious which is also a plus!


ig: picnicwear

Made from towels and other vintage materials, PICNICWEAR sure knows how to upcycle. With

their many hats, shorts, tops, and bags, this brand proves that creating beautiful products out of

recycled goods is possible. The precise attention to detail that goes into every single piece is

what makes this brand beyond special and worth mentioning.

1. The Sage Vintage

ig: thesagevintage

The originality that is brought into this small jewelry business is definitely not something you

see everyday. By using curated vintage, and original charms, The Sage Vintage makes sure that

every single piece being sold is made with love and care. It’s fun, classy, yet timeless all at once,

which is what makes this small business stand out amongst any other jewelry brand!

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