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5 Blast From The Past Trends - Fall 2021 Edition

The fall season has finally arrived this year. With Fall being so close to the beginning of the school year and in-person classes finally taking place again, here are just some of the few fashion trends that are coming back to light this year.

Brown Two-piece Blazer Set- Brown has made its comeback in trendy clothing since the ’90s. This blazer set brings the look together giving off a classy but settled appearance for any kind of occasion. With brown being a classy color, it also speaks to the fall season bringing more energy and excitement.

Thigh High Boots- At this point in time, thigh-high boots are a fashion statement in the Fall season. These boots can be the cherry on top of any outfit. Whether it’s jeans, a long T-shirt, or a mini skirt, these boots will complement the aesthetic giving it an Ariana Grande-approved take.

Plaid Shackets: Plaid has evolved so much throughout the years. We see it in paintings, wallpaper, shirts, and jackets. These plaid shackets scream Fall. Whether you are wearing one with a crop top or turtle neck, these are perfect for a night out at a pumpkin patch with your friends.

Tan Fedoras: As I mentioned earlier, shades of brown are making their way back into everyday trends. This tan fedora is a great combination of fall fashion and can make a great first impression when choosing the first day of school outfit. Definitely one of my favorites during the season.

Knitted Dresses- This is another one of my favorite trends that have made its blast from the past. This orange knitted dress gives me cozy but also chic vibes. Staying cozy and comfortable is always a plus when looking for the perfect outfit to wear, especially during this time of the year.

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