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3 Sexy and Sustainable Lingerie Brands to Spice Up Your February

In the month of celebrating love and intimacy, why not celebrate self-love by adorning yourself in some lingerie that is not only good for the environment, but great on you? Here are three sustainable lingerie brands that will make you fall in love with yourself!

  1. Fruity Booty

The only thing that beats the name of this brand is the products. Fruit Booty specializes in what they call, “ a category of apparel that falls between underwear and outerwear” in an artistic and different way. The female-lead brand consciously creates underwear, swimwear, and accessories that are totally unique working with deadstock fabrics and sustainably sourced materials to create limited edition collections.

2. Mary Young

Sexy. Sustainable. Size Inclusive. Need I say more? Okay, I will anyway! Mary Young, a Canadian-based and created company, specializes in empowering women with different body types ethically. The company uses a rayon made from bamboo, which is free from harmful substances and chemicals. The garments are also manufactured in Canada where factory workers receive equal and fair wages. From design ideas to your door, this brand is always looking out for you and our environment.

3. Kye Intimates

Intimates made simple. Kye Intimates is a collection for everyday wear. Made to offer a softness and sensuality to everyday life while also being sustainable. Each piece is made in Los Angeles in a family-owned factory where deadstock and renewable materials are used to minimize waste and impact on Mother Earth. This company is the perfect place to get pieces that help you treat that body like a temple.


Although there are plenty of ways to feel your most lovely and authentic self this February, if you’re looking for some accessories to that beauty, these three brands are the perfect way to go. Go ahead and treat yourself, and remember, sustainability is always sexy.

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