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The Royal Return
by Don Davis

Here at Nu View, we like to be big and bold, and we are starting with Denim. Denim can be very basic, so here is a nostalgic twist on the original workwear textile. Qeren states "My inspiration was mainly 2000's R&B/Edgy style. I wanted to have three different types of looks that we, the models would be wearing. I wanted a bit of edginess mixed with sexiness, loud eyes to draw attention, and contrasting silhouettes to tie into the racy looks  Overall, I was proud of everything came together, it goes to show, whatever you want to do you can do it. It doesn't matter how big or small, just do it! You'll be glad you did!"

Conceited, Confident
by Carlisha Wilson

I wanted to focus on my sense of identity in fashion as well as finding consistency in my photography. Some photographers have a set style of editing photos while I haven’t found mine yet. The most consistent elements in my photos this semester has been my exploration with self-portraits and my white backdrop. This group of photos represent one of the days where I felt good and wanted to put on a cute outfit and pose, or when I wanted to see how certain poses in certain lighting would look but I didn’t have access to a model.

This series is important to me because I recently started liking the way I looked and started feeling comfortable accepting as well as giving myself compliments. Sometimes, this is met with people thinking I’m conceited but little do they know, I’ve never been so satisfied with this version of myself right now.

My goal is to extend this series further as I focus in on more stylistic forms of fashion photography and find my own personal style.