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Letters from the Editors

Each month the Nu View Editor in Chief Don Davis and Editor at Large Katie Biggar write a letter encompassing the new month. The purpose of these letters is to discuss what is going on in the world and provide direction for Nu View’s staff writers. Editors letters are like a theme for the month, something that all of the articles written in that corresponding month are centered around. Although this month has already been written, can you guess next month’s theme?  


Don Davis and Katie Biggar

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March's Editors Letter

March is for the Main

by Don Davis


In the year 2020 we endured a global pandemic, 2021 was all about the aftermath of the pandemic - it was a rebuilding year. But, now what? December 31st marks the end of an era. 2022 is all about a fresh start. The past few years taught us some very important life lessons - in 2022 we'll see what you've learned...   

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from Nu View's Editors


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